To help you understand the meaning behind Join the Applause, read the following poem written in the fall of 2002.

“The Master Artist”

The Artist has given me a ticket to His concert of life; His all-consuming music touches every part of me

Everything I see, hear, touch, taste, smell, and even comprehend are all part of the music of The Artist.

May I never forget that I am the audience and not the artist, that I am the receiver and not the giver!

For at times I’m tempted to summon The Artist to recognize me for my song, And to woo others in the audience to hear me too,

But I find the sound of my song drowns out the music of The Artist

It is only when I lay down my own instrument and focus towards the stage, that I begin to hear music loud and clear,

➢ Music so consistent I cannot imagine an Artist with such rhythm
➢ Music so beautiful I cannot imagine an Artist with such creativity
➢ Music so vast I cannot comprehend an Artist so big
➢ Music so complex I cannot imagine an Artist with such intelligence
➢ Music so intricate I cannot imagine an Artist with such attention to detail
➢ Music so diverse I cannot imagine an Artist with such diversity
➢ Music so vibrant I cannot imagine and Artist with such life
➢ Music so freely given I cannot imagine an Artist with such love

May I never choose to ignore the music of The Artist, or attribute it to mere happenstance, for therein would lie my greatest offense.

It is written that The Artist knit me together in my mother’s womb, that he knows when I get up, and when I lie down, and that he counts the very number of hairs on my head.

For an Artist so great, to invite me to His concert, and play His songs for me… I am honored, I am humbled, and His music is certainly worthy of my attention.

May I not perform good works out of duty, but may I enjoy the music so much that my natural response is the applause of good works.

May my life not be known for the things that I have done

But for the music I hear, the praise I express, and for encouraging others to listen to the music.

In so doing The Artist will be honored, I’ll enjoy the concert, and maybe you might find new meaning behind the music and join in the applause of The Artist.

But the ultimate experience lies not in simply enjoying the music and applauding The Artist, it is found when I lay down my life and become an instrument in the hands of The Artist and He begins to play music through me, that is where I find meaning, purpose, and a heart that comes fully alive.

May we all enjoy the music, applaud The Artist and become instruments of His music to a world in desperate need of hearing it.

Join the Applause!