Applause Day 2011 – Thank You!

Wow!  On June 25 people from over 25 countries gathered in small groups to watch the sun go down and respond with gratitude to God for all that He has created.  Thank you for participating!    

Thousands participated in one way or another including:  getting the word out, recruiting friends, blogging, tweeting, emailing, attending events, concerts, cookouts, beach parties, photography adventures, sailing, boating, nature walking, feeding the homeless, and many other activities…  Many of you uploaded photos and countless others participated.

We are now working on creating a short video collage of pictures and activities from the day.  We plan to post this video in the next week or so.  Our plan is to use this video to inspire people to participate from all over the world next year.   Will you be part of the team to “inspire the global applause for our Creator?”   Mark your calendars, June 30, 2012.

But wait, do we have to wait till next year to be active with Join the Applause…?  Well, of course not.  There is much to be thankful for. . .  so why wait!

We encourage everyone to continue to invite others to be a part of this movement of gratitude.  Ask them to “Like” our facebook page and join the conversation. We encourage you to continue the conversation by posting your thoughts and pictures to our “Wall of Gratitude” on our facebook page.  
As we encourage each other, may our gratitude grow and become a beacon of hope and light to those who need it most.

Join the Applause
Gratitude Changes Everything

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