Why Applaud?

My natural tendency is not to applaud. I’ve got stuff to do, things to accomplish. I’ve got my own world to deal with. And many times that busy world is not conducive slowing down to engage, ponder, appreciate, and respond appropriately – certainly not to applaud.

However, sometimes our lives are interrupted when we go through experiences that wake us up to a new paradigm. So it was with me.

After dealing with a friends suicide and a father that slipped into a dark depression, I was at a loss for hope for the future. I was definitely not paying attention or applauding.

However, during my hard time I would regularly get phone calls from a long-standing friend I new from high school named Jim. He has suffered more challenging circumstances than most will ever face, and yet he “Joins the Applause” every day. Jim has suffered through two unwanted divorces, multiple sclerosis, and basically the loss of everything that most people find security in. For the last twenty years he has been confined to a bed or a wheelchair and must rely on others for everything.

I remember getting a call from Jim, from his voice-activated phone one Sunday afternoon. He said “have you seen the latest pictures from the Hubble Space Telescope? What we are finding out about God is absolutely incredible.”

Jim sees the world differently. As long as he has one eye to see, he’s going to see and applaud. Or one ear to hear, he will hear and applaud.

If Jim can applaud, then certain certainly I can learn his secret and join him. And, maybe you can too. Truly, gratitude can change everything.

Join the Applause

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