Defining Our Terms

For the past few years a number of us have been Joining the Applause and sharing the experience together.  We’ve had a lot of fun developing a new code to communicate with each other.   Maybe you can have some fun with us.

So, let’s define a few terms and acronyms.

JTA – the abbreviation for Join the Applause

JTA Moment – a moment when you become aware there must be a divine creator/orchestrator of something you experience.

JTA Adventure – a time when you specifically set out to have fun outdoors, enjoy creation with the intent of applauding the Creator for what you experience.   In other words, don’t just go hiking, go on a Join the Applause adventure.  Don’t just go surfing, make it a Join the Applause adventure.  The list of adventures it endless.

JTA Vacation – What if you went on vacation specifically to Join The Applause?   Don’t just go to the mountains, the beach, or a cruise, go on a JTA Vacation!  In the future you might as your spouse or friend “where do you want to Join the Applause” this year?  How many places can you Join the Applause?

JTA Location – a place of natural beauty that compels you to applaud.

JTA Concert – a musical concert that honors God, our Creator, with all applause going towards God, not the musical artists.

JTA Challenge – Some friends are taking this to the extreme.  Four out door sports in one day.   Snowboard, mountain biking, water skiing, surfing at sunset. Obviously there are only a few places on the planet that would allow for these challenges.  But, maybe you could find a place a go for more than four.   Will you take a JTA Challenge?  Remember, its not about the competition… it’s about engaging, enjoying, and responding appropriately during the challenge.

JTA Photo Adventure – a photography adventure to capture JTA pictures/images.

JTA Field Trip – for educational school trips, taking students to places of natural interest to learn about God’s creation.

Applause Day – while every day is a day to Join the Applause, one day per year we encourage people all over the world to go outside, enjoy God’s creation, and respond appropriately when the sun sets.  The applause begins in New Zealand and follows the sunset around the world.   Applause Day is the last Saturday in June each year.

Passionate Audience Member – one who really enjoys Joining the Applause everyday!

Join the Applause

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